HBO shares the first new Looney Tunes episode for free

I can't wait for the rest of these episodes to come out now

If you’re on the west coast, it still might be Sunday morning for you by the time you read this, which is the perfect time to take in a few modern versions Looney Tunes cartoons.

As HBO Max ramps up for its American launch, the streaming platform has released the first episode of its new Looney Tunes cartoon on YouTube, which is free for anyone to watch.

When the services launch on the 27th, one of its original titles will be a series of new Looney Tunes clips that draw heavily from the original series.

The first free episode demonstrates this perfectly with hijinks between Tweetie Bird and Sylvester the Cat, Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny and more. Overall, it’s really great and is a nice blend of more modern animation and the classic Warner Bros style.

In Canada, it seems that Bell Media’s Crave streaming service is going to be the home of the bulk of HBO Max content, but CTV may get some as well. Hopefully, more information comes out as we near the platform’s release date, but for now, it seems like Crave’s ‘HBO+Movies’ tier will be the main way to access HBO Max content.

Source: Gizmodo