Rogers website source code found on Github

The code has since been taken down

It’s come to light that source code associated with Rogers’ website appeared on Github.

Security researcher Jason Coulls was the first person to raise the alarm on the code depository, then when The Register reported on the findings Rogers moved to erase the code from Github.

The code was posted to Github by what is assumed to be an ex-Rogers engineer, according to The RegisterThe code was written in Java and powered various components of Rogers.com.

Github is a Microsoft owned website that allows users to post and share code online.

The publication also mentions that no Rogers subscriber information was available in the code. That said, some names, passwords and email addresses of Rogers web development team were accessible.

The found code dates back to 2015, and Rogers says that the code was obsolete. Rogers has gotten the Github listing taken down.

To be clear, Rogers filed a takedown and gotten the public listings of its codebase taken off of Github, according to The Register. 

Source: The Register

Update 27/01/2020: The story has been updated with information supplied by Rogers.