Samsung builds wacky self-cleaning closet device

Keep your clothes fresh between washes

Keeping your clothes clean just got a lot easier thanks to Samsung’s latest AirDresser self-cleaning closet device.

This is the Wild West of smart home devices and I want one so badly that it will likely haunt my dreams tonight.

The closet device is large enough to hang three shirts side-by-side, and most of the images show it integrated into the user’s closet.

The device has a ton of features, so I’ll run through them as briefly as possible.

First off, the AirDresser can use steam to clean and de-wrinkle clothes. The bespoke hangers that the clothes hang on also blow steam and air inside your garments, so the whole shirt is cleaned.

It also has a slightly heated version of this that drops the steam so users can dry their clothes as well. Samsung also touts how quiet this whole process is since it’s built to be in your bedroom.

Interestingly enough, when you open the door of the AirDresser, it even acts as a dehumidifier for your room to help keep all of your other clothes dry.

One thing it does mention is that this isn’t a replacement for your washer and dryer. Instead, Samsung is positioning it as a device to help keep your clothes fresher longer so people don’t have to do laundry as often.

Source: Samsung