Budweiser and Uber partner to offer ride discounts during Super Bowl

The biggest game in footaball takes place on February 2nd

Beer brand Budweiser is working with Uber to offer Canadians a cheap and safe alternative on Super Bowl Sunday with ride discounts.

The “King of Beers” is bringing back its iconic ‘Whassup’ commercial for the football game in Canada, reads a press release. After the ad, the company is going to display a discount code that will work for the remainder of Super Bowl Sunday.

The ad isn’t the same version that ran in the 90s, but instead is a modern recreation. The press release says that the “updated spot features smart devices uttering the iconic word, and in doing so, delivers an important message about making a smarter choice for getting around on game night.”

The beer company’s discount code will offer $10 off rides anywhere in Canada where Uber operates.

Source: Budweiser