Charmin shows off concept toilet paper delivery bot at CES

This little guy is cute enough that I can look past its flaws

The future is here, folks.

Charmin, the popular toilet paper company owned by P&G, has shown off a tiny two-wheeled ‘Rollbot’ that delivers toilet paper (TP) directly to you.

The bot is really tiny, and a single roll of TP can sit on its head.

You control it from an app on your phone with a virtual joystick and a few buttons.

Truth be told, this is the cutest robot that I’ve ever seen, but I don’t know if it will ever make it out of the concept stage. I don’t even know how you would use it effectively. Do you just leave it in a closet with the door ajar so it can push its way out and deliver you a roll? How do you control it from the bathroom throne if you can’t see where it’s going?

There are a lot of questions still up in the air about this tiny little bot, but I still want one.