Celestial Arms is a turn-based RPG being made in Fort McMurray, Alberta

The developer is looking for pledges through Indiegogo

Celestial Arms is a turn-based role-playing game currently launched on Indiegogo by developer Jared Wiseman of Fort McMurray, Alberta.

According to its Indiegogo page, the game offers an “in-depth diverse storyline that paves a path for your unique character story.” The medieval campaign involves multiple stories to play through where the player’s choices affect the world itself.

Its battles take place in a 3D environment with free control of the camera. In total, this fantasy game features, 690 chapters, 30 alternative stories, more than 120 monsters to battles and a day and night and a weather system.

There are also tons of classes like archers, knights, rogues, time mages and more.

Wiseman hopes to launch the game initially through Steam for the PC and then on the PlayStation 4 shortly after. Additional, funds from the Indiegogo campaign will go towards getting the title on other platforms.

Wiseman’s goal is to hit $242,550 CAD, with pledges starting at $6 and going up to $649. Those backing more than $195 will be able to beta test the game. Anything above a $130 pledge gets your name in the ending credits of the game, and $19 allows you to pre-order of the game on any platform.

Source: Indiegogo