Lexilife’s lamp helps people with dyslexia improve their reading ability

Tests have shown that the Lexilight helps people with dyslexia read better

Lexilife, a French startup, unveiled a new lamp at CES in Las Vegas that is designed to help people with dyslexia read better.

The lamp, which is called Lexilight, helps people with dyslexia read by using LEDs that pulse at a customizable rate. It allows the brain to process information and clears up mashed-together letters.

Lexilife has tested its lamp on more than 300 people who suffer from dyslexia. The results found that 90 percent of users thought that the lamp improved their ability to read.

The Lexilight is adjustable and lets users find the setting that works the best for them. It is currently only available in France, but is scheduled to make its North American debut this year. It currently costs €549, which is approximately $796 CAD.

Image credit: Lexilife 

Source: Engadget