New Tesla update adds text message reading and new voice commands

There's also a sneak preview at the Fully Self Driving interface

Tesla has rolled out a winter update that looks to make the automaker’s infotainment system easier to use on the road.

Users can now set up their phones so their car reads out incoming text messages and then the driver can respond with their voice.

This is similar to how users can interact with text messages with Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay, two modern in-car systems that Tesla doesn’t support.

Tesla’s patch notes say that drivers can click in on the right scroll wheel to have a text message read out loud, according to Electrek. They’ll also be able to see unread messages in the ‘Cards’ section of the infotainment screen.

To make controlling aspects of the interior of the car easier Tesla also revamped some of its voice commands to support more natural speaking patterns. It seems as if the company will roll out more commands in the future, but for now, the team just focused on helping drivers use the touch screen less.

Some examples of the voice commands are:

  • “Set the temperature to 70”
  • “Turn on the passenger seat heater”
  • “Adjust my right mirror”
  • “Open the glovebox”
  • “Let’s go to work”
  • “Where are the nearby supercharging stations?”
  • “Play the Beatles”
  • “Search for Joe Rogan podcast”
  • “Call David Lewis”
  • “Send a text message to Evan”

Beyond all of the infotainment upgrades, Tesla also added in a sneak preview of its fully self-driving technology. The driving visualization upgrade now shows stoplights and stop signs.

Source: Electrek