Oculus is rolling out hand tracking to the Quest starting this week

Oculus’ upcoming update brings hand tracking to the Quest. Hand tracking means that you’ll be able to interact with the virtual reality platform simply by just using your hands.

Oculus is releasing hand tracking as an “early consumer feature,” starting this week and as a software development kit (SDK) for developers beginning next week.

To get the feature, you’ll need to update your Quest software to version 12 when it rolls out and then turn on hand tracking within the Experimental Features menu. The Facebook-owned company says that you’ll be able to use hand tracking in Quest’s Home interfaces like the ‘Library’ and ‘Store,’ as well as in first-party apps, like Oculus Browser and Oculus TV.

Additionally, Oculus made it easy to switch between your hands and the Touch controllers; you just need to toggle the switch within the Oculus Home menu. The Menlo Park-based company says that it will add new features and improve the hand tracking functionality in 2020.

With the SDK rolling out next week it’ll allow developers and creators to create apps and games without the need for controllers.

Source: Oculus