Play Movies to get Dolby Vision support according to app code

Dolby Vision will join HDR10 and 4K HDR support on Play Movies

Google Play Movies is set to get Dolby Vision support, according to code uncovered within the app.

XDA Developers performed a teardown of Play Moves — which involved cracking open the APK file and checking out the code. Teardowns can often reveal new and upcoming features, but it’s worth remembering that not everything will make it to release, and the things that do make it may end up different than what code implies. In other words, take teardowns with a grain of salt.

That said, Dolby Vision support is a logical next step for Play Movies, which has offered 4K HDR and HDR10 support for some time. Dolby Vision is a more in-depth standard than HDR10 that allows for dynamic metadata. HDR10 uses static metadata, which applies a static HDR profile for the duration of content, be it a show or movie.

Dolby Vision makes it possible for brightness, darkness and colour profiles to change from scene to scene, which can significantly improve the look of a given scene.

XDA uncovered some code strings that suggest Google plans to add Dolby Vision to Play Movies. Specifically, the code indicates a description at the bottom of videos will tell users if it supports Dolby Vision. It’d be a welcome addition, considering most other video and streaming apps, like Netflix, support Dolby Vision. It’s possible Google hasn’t hurried to add Dolby Vision since it requires a licensing fee to use.

Regardless, the code exists in Play Movies version 4.17.22. It’s not clear when it’ll roll out officially, but at least it’s on the way. Of course, you’ll need a TV and streaming platform that supports Dolby Vision.

Source: XDA Developers Via: Android Central