Amazon Canada discounts Tile Mate 4-pack

The Bluetooth trackers are now 36 percent off

Tile Mate and Tile Pro

Amazon Canada has discounted the Tile Mate (2018) 4-pack to just $44.99.

The 2018 models are originally $69.99 but are now $25 off. With the recent release of the 2019 models, the older models have now been significantly discounted.

These Bluetooth trackers are great for people who always seem to lose their keys or wallets. All that you have to do is stick a Tile tracker onto the items, which can then be located with the Tile app.

You can also replace the batteries on the Tile Mates meaning that they will last a lot longer than the trackers without battery replacements. The Bluetooth trackers can also be set up so that Alexa and Google Assistant can locate them as well.

Source: Amazon Canada