Google Stadia is now available in Canada

Google's vision for 'the future of gaming' is here

Stadia, Google’s game streaming service, is now available in Canada.

With Stadia, users can stream both AAA and indie games to smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs. At launch, the Premiere Edition is the only way to play Stadia. This bundle costs $169.99 CAD includes:

  • Chromecast Ultra ($90 value)
  • Three-month Stadia Pro subscription ($11.99/month, so $35.97 value)
  • Stadia Clearly White Controller ($89 value)

There was a Founders Edition bundle that included an exclusive ‘Night Blue’ controller, a Buddy Pass to gift three months of Stadia Pro to a friend and first crack at a Stadia user name, but this sold out in Canada last month. If you didn’t get a pre-order then, you’re now only able to get a Premiere Edition.

Stadia can be ordered exclusively from the Google Store.

However, note that you might not get your bundle for at least a couple of days, even with pre-orders, as Google says the whole process is “complicated” and “actual delivery date will depend on the mail truck, traffic lights, etc.”

That said, you’ll receive a code to redeem in the Stadia app on Android or iOS that will let you start streaming to a Chrome browser or Pixel phone in the meantime. You’ll need a Bluetooth controller to do that. With the Chromecast Ultra, you can stream games to your TV. It’s important to note that the Premiere Edition’s Chromecast Ultra is the only one that will work at the moment, as older Chromecast Ultras will receive the necessary firmware update sometime after launch.

It’s also worth pointing out that some orders have been put on hold and cancelled due to payment issues, although Google says this has only affected a small number of people.

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