Some Google Stadia pre-orders have been put on hold and cancelled

Google says it's looking into the issue

Some Google customers are reporting that their Google Stadia pre-orders have been put on hold and cancelled.

Specifically, various Redditors have mentioned that their Founders Edition pre-orders are being cancelled. The Founders Edition was the first Stadia bundle that Google offered when the streaming service first went up for pre-order before being replaced with the Premiere Edition after selling out. Included in the Founders Edition is a limited edition Stadia controller, a Chromecast Ultra, a three-month subscription to the 4K-support Stadia Pro and more.

On Reddit, the users say they’ve received emails stating that their orders have been put on hold and they have one week to resolve a payment issue. However, attempts to do so have been met with the orders being immediately cancelled.

In a Reddit post, a Google representative acknowledged the cancellation reports and suggested users contact Google Support. In spite of that, the Redditors say Google Support has so far only suggested that users buy a Premiere Edition, which lacks some of the extra perks found in the Founders Edition.

The Google rep didn’t comment on the supposed lack of assistance but did say the company “is actively working with the very few customers whose card was either declined or flagged as fraudulent.”

Even if payment issues don’t arise, Google has noted that Stadia bundles might still not be received on launch day, depending on when orders were placed. In the meantime, those who pre-ordered will receive a code to redeem in the Stadia app on Android or iOS that will enable play in a Chrome browser or Pixel phone, using a mouse and keyboard or HID-compliant controller.

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