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If you were just assigned a project for class or work, you probably can’t wait to pull all of your sources together into a comprehensive final report. However, the mountainous volume of pages you need to trudge through is holding you back. Wouldn’t it be easier if you can read faster? Luckily, with the Speed Reading Mastery Bundle, you’ll learn tips and tricks to double your reading speed for just $27.

The Speed Reading Mastery Bundle features 6 courses on how to boost your reading speed while maintaining and improving your comprehension. These courses delve into the neurological factors behind reading and synthesizing new information, and you’ll even find advanced techniques that will help you memorize details and learn new skills faster. If you follow all of the tips these courses have to offer, you’ll be able to process information twice as fast and even read 300 books within a single year. 

Whether you’re reading for work, school, or self-improvement, your ability to read quickly and comprehensively will make a tremendous impact on your intelligence. The Speed Reading Mastery Bundle will teach you how to read and absorb information faster for $27.68 CAD [$21 USD], or 98% off.

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The Speed Reading Mastery Bundle – $21

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