Hyundai develops new and advanced sound cancellation technology

The company says that the new system cuts road noise by half

Hyundai has announced that it has developed new and advanced sound-cancelling technology for its vehicles.

The manufacturer says that the ‘Road Noise Active Noise Control’ (RANC) has more sensors and computing power than standard active noise control systems. It is able to analyze a variety of different sounds in real-time.

Hyundai says that RANC can detect and counteract noises that impact the driver, passenger and back-seat occupants individually. It can do so by 3 decibels, which for reference means that it can reduce noise inside a vehicle by half.

RANC uses an acceleration sensor that is able to detect vibrations coming from a car rolling down the road. A computer analyzes this information and then emits a counter-wave from a processor.

This technology took Hyundai six years to develop and obtain a version that was ready for mass production.

To ensure that Hyundai will be the first to market a vehicle with this system, it hold patents for the technology behind the RANC.

Image credit: Hyundai

Source: CNET