Tim Cook says Apple Pay usage has doubled since last year

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Apple Pay header

During Apple’s recent earnings call, the company’s CEO Tim Cook said that customers used Apple Pay to make more than 3 billion transactions during its fourth-quarter of 2019.

Those three billion transactions helped the feature’s transactions and revenue more than double year-over-year. Cook also mentioned that Apple Pay is growing four times faster than PayPal.

Apple Pay isn’t just used when people tap their phones on payment terminals in stores, but it can also be utilized for online purchases made through Apple products.

Apple Pay for iOS came to Canada on November 17th after being available in the U.S. for almost a year before it launched here. During the summer of 2016, the feature made its way to Safari on the Mac.

Apple even mentioned during its March 2019 keynote that 80 percent of Canadian retailers accept Apple Pay. this is more than the 70 percent that does in the U.S. but less than the 99 percent that do in Australia.

Source: Engadget