iPhone owners report iOS 13.2 is aggressively killing off apps running in the background

More iOS 13 issues have appeared

iPhone 11

According to multiple reports across Twitter, Apple’s community support forums and Reddit, iOS 13.2 is aggressively closing apps running in the background on iPhones.

Further, MacRumors, one of the first publications to report on the issue, states that several of its community members are complaining about poor RAM management with iOS 13.1 and iPadOS 13.2

For what it’s worth, I’ve haven’t encountered issues with background apps closing or lag with my iPhone 11 Pro Max. There’s a possibility the problem could only be affecting older iPhones running iOS 13.2 that feature less RAM.

Apps closing in the background could result in users losing progress if they happen to be in the middle of a task. For example, if you were writing an email in Gmail, but multitask to YouTube to watch a few videos, the former app could be automatically be killed by iOS 13.2, causing your work to vanish.

In some ways, Apple seems to be facing an uphill battle with iOS 13. While iOS 12 was relatively stable following a series of issues with iOS 11, the tech giant has rapidly released bug fixes for iOS 13 since its initial release back in late September. It seems the focus on new features rather than stability has backfired for the tech giant.

iOS 13.2, which was launched earlier this week, brought ‘Deep Fusion’ photography to Apple’s iPhone 11 series.

It’s likely that given how widespread this issue seems to be, Apple will release a fix for iOS 13.2’s multitasking issues soon.

Via: MacRumors