Telus Ventures, BASF Venture Capital invest in crop analytics start-up

The two companies have invested in an advanced crop analytics technology platform

Telus Ventures and BASF Venture Capital, a start-up investment company, are among the lead investors for British startup, Hummingbird Technologies, a leader in advanced crop analytics.

Hummingbird Technologies has created a technology platform that is able to evaluate the condition of agricultural fields. The software uses artificial intelligence, deep learning and imagery analytics.

The software processes image data to then develop accurate harvest forecasts and precisely calculate how much fertilizer is required. The technology can also locate potential pest infestation, planting gaps or plant diseases. These different tools work together to bring real-time recommendations and improve efficiency on farms.

“Through our investment, we have the potential to change cultivation and help mature technology platforms to connect all aspects of the farm and food supply chain,” said Rich Osborn, managing partner at Telus Ventures, in an emailed press release.

The companies say that Canada is among the countries that would benefit from advanced crop analytics.

More recently, China-based telecommunications giant Huawei said 5G wasn’t everything. It was working on expanding its enterprise businesses including a partnership with Willow Springs Winery to begin using technology for the agriculture sector.