This comprehensive 14-course bundle will help you master Excel for just $52

Out of all of the programs in Microsoft Office, the most useful one is Excel; it has a wide variety of formulas that allow users to conduct advanced data analysis, gather business insights, and more. However, mastering Excel can take years if you rely on hands-on experience. However, with this comprehensive bundle, you’ll be able to use Excel at an advanced level in no time for just $52.

The Complete Excel Bundle: MBA & Startup Toolbox is a 14-course bundle that serves as a complete guide to all things Excel. Depending on how you plan to use Excel, there are 2 introductory courses that’ll give you a fundamental understanding of how to use the program, namely Intro to Excel and Microsoft Excel Master Class for Business Managers. 

Upon completing either of these courses, you can take additional courses to hone your skills in one particular area of Excel. For example, Manage Large Excel Spreadsheets focuses on methods that make managing large quantities of data easier. Similarly, Visualize Data with Excel Charts focuses on creating beautiful, interactive charts that illustrate your data in detail. Another useful course is Advanced Excel & VBA for Financial Modeling, which will teach you powerful methods used in financial analysis.

Excel is a powerful tool that will prove valuable no matter what industry you want to work in. With the Complete Excel Bundle: MBA & Startup Toolbox, you’ll have all the knowledge necessary to leverage Excel at its full potential for $52 CAD [$39 USD], or 98% off.

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The Complete Excel Bundle: MBA & Startup Toolbox – $39

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