Vivo prematurely shows off its Nex 3 phone with waterfall display

Vivo NEX 2

Vivo has showcased a promotional video for its upcoming smartphone, the Nex 3, on its official Nex Weibo account.

The video shows people using the phone and revealing its rear cameras, pop-up front-facing shooter and ‘waterfall’ curved glass screen.

The phone is likely not coming to Canada given that Vivo’s devices aren’t officially released here. That said, it’s important to take note of the Nex 3’s unique ‘waterfall’ screen. Reportedly, Huawei’s Mate series — which does release in Canada — will launch with a ‘waterfall’ display.

While we’re only catching a glimpse of the phone, the screen that wraps around the edge of the handset might be similar to technology we’ll see featured in Huawei’s Mate 30

While Vivo pulled a Google and showed off its smartphone before an official launch, not much else known about the inside of the handset.

It’ll likely sport a top-of-line processor like Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855, a significant amount of RAM and more.

Similar to the Pixel 4 series, Vivo has yet to reveal an official launch date for the phone. You can check out the full video here.

Source: Weibo Via: The Verge