Casio adds a heart rate sensor to its new Wear OS smartwatch

The recently announced WSD-F21HR from Casio comes with a heart rate (HR) sensor along with a list of features carried over from the WSD-F20.

According to Casio, the HR sensor mounted underneath the watch measures heart rate “by shining an LED light to detect the flow of blood in your body.”

Compared to the F20, the F21HR trimmed up to 13 grams of weight and added support for the slightly newer Bluetooth 4.2 protocol. Unfortunately, battery life also decreased from two days to around 1.5 days in “Normal use (Color display auto OFF).”

Other than that, the spec sheets appear to have the same specifications in other areas, such as the dual-layer display, the same magnetic charging terminal and the identical MIL-STD-810G durability rating.

The new Casio smartwatch will hit the market during September 2019 for $500 USD ($666 CAD).

Source: Casio Via: Android Authority