Nomad’s new Kevlar cables are stylish, practical and durable

A well-designed rubber strap helps keep the cables neat and tangle-free

Nomad Kevlar cable

Charging cables aren’t perfect. If you’re a long-time iPhone user, for example, you’re likely well-acquainted with Apple’s Lightning cables and their poor durability.

Android users may have more durable wires, but they have their own set of problems, with phones using Micro USB, USB-C and other weird connectors, not to mention the various amperages and wattages of chargers.

While Nomad may not be able to solve all those problems, its new line of cables are quite durable, mostly because they’re made of Kevlar.

Kevlar is a heat-resistant synthetic fibre developed in 1965 and first used commercially in the early 70s as a replacement for steel in racing tires.

Typically it’s spun into ropes or fabric sheets. Kevlar has several applications but is best known for its use in bulletproof vests, racing sails and bike tires since it is about five times stronger than steel.

Nomad, the California-based company behind some excellent phone cases and top-notch wireless chargers, has got a new line of Kevlar cables that should meet just about every charging need you have.

Nomad Kevlar cable braid

To start, the cables come in the following configurations:

USB-C to Lightning: 18W charging speeds

  • 1.5M – $39.95 USD ($52.13 CAD)
  • 3M – $44.95 USD ($58.66 CAD)

USB-C: 100W Charging Speeds

  • 1.5M – $29.95 USD ($39.08 CAD)
  • 3M – $34.95 USD ($45.61 CAD)

USB-A to Lightning

  • 1.5M – $34.95 USD ($45.61 CAD)
  • 3M – $39.95 USD ($52.13 CAD)

Universal USB-C: USB-C core cable capable of up to 100W charging speeds, ends feature USB-A and Micro USB-A adapters

  • 0.3M – $24.95 USD ($32.56 CAD)
  • 1.5M – $34.95 USD ($45.61 CAD)
  • 3M – $39.95 USD ($52.13 CAD)

Universal USB-A: features Micro USB, USB-C, and Lightning adapters on one end

  • 0.3M – $29.95 USD ($39.08 CAD)
  • 1.5M – $39.95 USD ($52.13 CAD)

Nomad says that each of its Kevlar cables features a new ‘over-moulded’ alloy plug housing and transfer point, which means the connector has more durability than other wires.

Additionally, Nomad engineered all the cables with industry-leading internal components for fast charging and data transfer, and it runs every cable through quality control to ensure it performs above spec. Plus, each cable has a five-year warranty.

Testing out a Nomad Kevlar cable

Nomad Kevlar cable connector

Nomad sent one of its new Kevlar cables — specifically, its USB-C to Lightning variant — over to MobileSyrup to try out, and I have to say, I am impressed.

Durability aside, this cable was intelligently designed by Nomad. I’m not talking about the looks either — this cable sports a fantastic little rubber loop that holds everything in place when you roll it up to bring it somewhere.

Yes, many other cables have a clip to keep things together when you wrap it up, but Nomad’s is by far the best I’ve used. Essentially, it’s a piece of soft rubber that the cable runs through. On one side of the cable is a small rectangular gap. On the other end is a ribbed rubber tongue just big enough to slide through the hole. When you roll up the cable, wrap the tongue around it and push it through the gap to hold everything in place. The ribs keep the rubber from sliding out until you give it a sharp tug.

Nomad Kevlar cable strap

The cable’s look is excellent as well, especially if you’re a fan of black. It features a Kevlar outer braid in grey and black. The cable feels quite rugged as well.

As for its actual durability, I swapped out the standard Lightning cable I carry in my backpack for the Nomad Kevlar cable, and it held out quite well in a pocket with other wires, keys and a portable battery charger.

The cable easily survived most normal use, so I then went out of my way to try kinking the wire, but this hardly seemed to faze it at all.

Finally, I tried cutting the cord with a pair of scissors, and while it survived with no damage beyond some slight fraying of the braid, I would strongly recommend you don’t try this yourself.

Ultimately, Nomad’s new Kevlar cables are quite lovely and far more durable than your average cable. I’d highly recommend one, especially if you’re not gentle with your cables.

The cables will be available through Nomad’s website starting July 16th, and you’ll be able to find them here.