Bell ups throttle speed on unlimited data plans to 512Kbps, matches Telus

The recent pricing clash between Canada’s Big Three carriers may become a speed clash as Bell ups the throttle speed on its ‘Unlimited plans.’

The Montreal-based national telecom company launched its Unlimited Plans in response to the launch of Rogers Infinite plans in June. Bell’s promotional plans started at $75 for 10GB of high-speed data but throttled speeds to 256Kbps once a user passed over that cap.

Now, the carrier has updated its website, saying it throttles speed to 512Kbps, which is in line with the throttle speed of Telus’ new ‘Peace of Mind’ plans.

At the time of writing, Rogers Infinite plans still throttle to 256Kbps.

Further, Bell confirmed to MobileSyrup that it had extended the promotional Bell Unlimited plans, and there is currently no end date. When the plans initially launched, the website listed an end date of June 30th.

Ultimately, the move is better for consumers as a higher throttle speed means better performance for those who go over there high-speed cap. In an interview with Telus’ president of mobility, Jim Senko, he told MobileSyrup that the carrier chose 512Kbps as it allowed most of the core functions of a phone to work well.