TCL’s CEO says TV’s biggest competition is smartphones

TCL’s CEO, Kevin Wang, shared his concern regarding the TV market and admitted that its biggest competition is smartphones, as reported by TechRadar.

Although TCL recently became the second-largest TV manufacturer in the world based on the number of units shipped, the company is wary of competition.

TV manufactures have competed to produce the largest devices with the best cinematic viewing experience. Wang said that TV manufacturers now also have to compete with the influx of smaller-screen media. He believes that products available today need to compete by being better and “more beautiful than five years ago”

These comments follow the buildup to TCL’s first smartphone. Although the company manufactures phone screens, it has not yet released a phone under its brand.

Wang confirmed to TechRadar that TV will still be the company’s major business. However, the company believes that it makes sense to diversify the TCL brand’s products.

The phone is expected to launch later this year, according to TechRadar.

Source: TechRadar