Possible smart home device spotted in Fuchsia source code

It looks like a new codename was spotted in Google’s Fuchsia OS source code. 9to5Google went through the source code and found the codename ‘Visalia’ which is believed to be an upcoming Home device.

Visalia has 512GB of RAM and Synaptics’ AS370 chipset, according to the source code. Synaptics first unveiled this new chip at CES 2019 in January. Reportedly the chip has on-device voice recognition functionality, that could be useful in smart home products.

9to5Google believes that Visalia is an upcoming Google smart home product. The chipset would allow the smart home device to follow commands without needing access to the cloud — to some degree of course.

Previously, 9to5Google spotted the codenames Astro and Sherlock, the devices we now know as the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max in Fuchsia’s source code. So there is a precedent in finding Google’s smart home products deep in Fuchsia’s code.

Nikkei Asian Review recently published a post claiming that Google will launch an updated smart speaker, therefore it’s possible that this is the device.

Fuchsia isn’t a replacement for Android or Chrome, but an experimental operating system. Google will try out new features within the OS before bringing them to Chrome or Android — at least for now.

Source: 9to5Google