You can use AR to see how the new Mac Pro will look on your desk

You'll need a compatible iOS device and a clean spot on your desk

Mac Pro AR

Apple’s recently announced Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR have already become something of a meme thanks to its ‘cheese grater’ look. However, that look has started to grow on me as I see more photos. Plus, seeing the Pro in your typical work environment can help normalize the holy computer — something you can do thanks to ARKit.

ARKit-enabled devices like the iPhone, iPod and iPad can open 3D models in an AR viewer through Apple’s .usdz format. It’s built into native iOS applications like Safari.

Mac Pro in AR

So, if you head over to Apple.com and visit the Mac Pro page in Safari on a supported device, you can view the new computer in AR. Plus, you can place it in your environment, so if you want to see how it would look on your desk, now you can.

AR Mac Pro on desk

You can do the same with the new Pro Display XDR as well.

Pro Display XDR in AR

To learn more about Apple’s newest Mac and display, check out MobileSyrup managing editor Patrick O’Rourke’s first look at the computer on the WWDC 2019 show floor.