Huawei is no longer on Google’s Android Enterprise device list

Following Google’s decision to revoke Huawei’s Android license and force it to use the slower AOSP channel, the Mountain View internet giant, in accordance to the law, has wiped out Huawei’s footprint from its Android Enterprise list.

The removal means that all listed Huawei smartphones and tablets, such as older the P10 and Mate 10 series that received Google’s recommendation in early 2018, are now gone from the latest Android Enterprise Recommendation program.

The manufacturer search bar also can’t find Huawei as a recognized OEM.

If you’re wondering about Google and Huawei’s love child, the Nexus 6P, it was also removed from the Enterprise Solutions Directory.

The Enterprise Solutions Directory is a tool for corporate customers to get familiar with around 7,000 Android devices, including 85 of those that belong to the aforementioned recommendation program.

Source: Huawei, Google Via: 9to5Google