Google personalizes Assistant with new ‘Personal References’

Google Assistant uses 'Personal References' to figure out where your mother's house is

At Google I/O 2019, the search company revealed a new feature coming to its popular voice-activated AI, Google Assistant.

The functionality is called ‘Personal References.’ It aims to help users ask the assistant for more personalized information. The feature allows your phone and smart speakers to remember specific data that pertains to you and your family.

Personal References also create new options in Google Assistant settings.

There is a ‘You’ tab that will let Google Assistant settings organize specific information about yourself. The ‘You’ tab will also be available within the Google Home app, according to Google.

Additionally, the tab shows family and top contacts, allowing users to add details about which contact on their device is their brother or sister, for example. It’ll also let users place their address information and birthday details.

Further, the feature can even help Assistant offer better recipe recommendations for food and entertainment suggestions on a smart display.

‘Personal References’ allows users to ask customized questions like, “what’s the traffic to mom’s house?” or “what’s the weather by my brother’s home.”

Alongside ‘Personal References’ Google is bringing ‘Assignable Reminders,’ which lets users ask Google to remind other members of the household to do things, such as remind a child to do their homework.