Tesla announces new customer referral program


Tesla announced a new worldwide referral program that will reward you will free Supercharger milage, and a chance to win a Founders Series Model Y or a Founder’s Series Roadster.

Tesla’s previous reward program “came with significant costs” and was killed off in February.

To increase the number of vehicles on the road, and also build brand loyalty, Tesla said its new referral program will see you and the person you refer and purchases a Tesla score 1,000 free miles of Supercharging, which is approximately 1,600 kilometers.

In addition, Tesla notes that each referral will also be given the chance to win a Founder’s Series Model Y every month and a Founder’s Series Roadster supercar every quarterly, which will be signed by both CEO Elon Musk and Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen.

CEO Elon Musk noted on Twitter that winners of the new vehicles can only win a specific prize once. “It’s cumulative, but once you win one of the prizes, referral count resets to zero & you can’t win that prize again. Intent over time is to enable those without a massive social media presence to win,” said Musk.

The first draw for the Founders Series Model Y will happen around May 1st, and the Founders Series Roadster drawing will occur around the June 30th timeframe.

Tesla also states in its terms and conditions that “related vehicle order must be placed after March 21, 2019. Referred vehicle orders must be delivered to qualify for awards. Model Y and used vehicle orders are not eligible. New or leased Model S, Model X and Model 3 orders are eligible. Referral code must be applied at the time of order and cannot be added after the order has been placed.”

Source: Tesla