Monogolf is high stakes mini-golf on the go [Game of the Week]

It's one of those games that challenges you to get a new high score every time

Monogolf is a strategic mini-golf game that’s absolutely perfect for passing time.

The game has an uncomplicated design that uses bright colours and simple shapes to build mini-golf courses that test the player’s understanding of geometry.

‘Arcade’ mode, the main way to play Monogolf, tasks the player to get through as many courses as possible before running out of balls.

Each course is a par one, meaning that players need to get a hole-in-one to move onto the next course. The player starts with five lives and can pick up extra lives throughout the game.

If you’re unable to sink the ball in one putt and you use up all of your lives, the game gives you the options of watching an ad for five more balls or restarting at hole one.

As you progress through the game, the courses get more complex, and they add in new obstacles like arrows on the floor that push the ball in the direction they’re pointing. After that, the game adds water hazards and more.

If you want to test out the newer stages you’ve unlocked, there’s a ‘Challenge’ mode that gives you a time limit to try and complete ten stages.

Every time you clear ten new stages in arcade mode you unlock those ten in challenge mode.

There’s even a basic course editor that lets you arrange triangles and squares anywhere on the course. Players can also add in the hazards that they’ve unlocked so far. There are 35 total things to unlock.

You can build courses to challenge yourself, but there’s no real way to share them with other players. However, the developer has mentioned that if players send in screenshots of cool homemade courses they may add them to the game.

Players receive an orange hexagon for every hole that they clear. These are the game’s currency, and you can spend them on getting more balls to start with and some other powerups like a trail for your ball or an extra ball that will last for five levels.

Monogolf is free on Android and iOS.