Google Pixel 3 teaser website source code reveals pink variant: report

It's possible that Google plans on launching a separate colour entirely

Pixel 2 XL

Last week, Google’s Japanese website teased outlines of the Pixel 3. The site featured three images that showcased different colour options: mint, white and black.

It turns out the website’s source code also hints at a fourth pink colour.

The code was spotted by Twitter user ‘CasVanDinter.’ It points to a two-tone pink phone with a black inner outline, which alludes to a device with a black-accented power button.

9to5Google subsequently looked into the source code for the pink Pixel 3, revealing a pink phone with a green accent.

9to5 suggests that Google most likely didn’t intend for the page to show a pink phone with green accents.

According to 9to5Google, the webpage is missing additional javascript elements, meaning Google could have removed the theme, but there was still some code left behind. 9to5 also says that Google could be leaving clues for those interested enough to dig into the code.

Additionally, 9to5Google mentions that the source code for the other web pages are a bit odd. For the white phone, the source code text reads “green,” for the black handset the text accurately indicates “black,” while the mint smartphone has code that reads “blue.”

It’s possible Google will release a pink Pixel 3 handset alongside black, white and mint variants. However, it’s also possible that there won’t be a pink phone and Google plans on launching a different colour entirely.

We’ll find out more on October 9th, 2018 when Google officially reveals its Pixel 3 series.

Source: Cas Van Dinter, 9to5Google