Motorola promises more information on Android 9 Pie update plans soon


On August 6th, Google released the final build of Android P. Since then, third-party Android OEMs have slowly been detailing their Android 9 Pie update plans.

Among those companies is Motorola, which issued an update on Android 9 Pie plans via its official support website.

While the company stops short of providing specific details, Motorola says it “will begin working on new code for our devices.” The company adds, “as always, we know upgrades are about getting it right making sure the phone performance remains the best it can be.”

The company says it will share further information at a later date.

Late last week, HTC shared its Android 9.0 Pie plans, which involve updating the HTC U12+, U11, U11+ and U11 Life. Like Motorola, most OEMs have been slow to offer up specific information.

Source: Motorola