Twitter is changing how it presents current events to its users

Twitter is going to get better at looping everyone into conversations about current events

Twitter app

Twitter is adding a new section to its platform that is going to round up live news for its users.

This live news section can have videos and tweets from reputable sources, so users can go to one place to learn about current events.

The section will sometimes be a list of cards embedded at the top of your timeline to make it easy to see what’s happening. Users simply click on a card and they’ll be brought into a separate timeline that’s all about that event.

Once the user starts reading a current event timeline there will be two options: one for a recap of the event and another to see all the related tweets chronologically.

These tweets are actually curated and not just gathered based on trending hashtags. The tweets will be gathered by a mix of computer algorithms and human curation, according to The Verge.

If the app thinks that a particular event is going to interest the user it might even send them a push notification.

The company revamped the ‘Explore’ tab so it’s better at incorporating the new current event features. There will now be a ‘Trending’ section, a ‘For You’ tab and some specific topics like sports and entertainment.

Twitter moments are also being altered in this update. They’re still going to be on the Explore tab, but now they’ll be a vertical list of tweets instead of the collection of pages that they were before.

Source: Twitter Via: The Verge