Koodo and Freedom offer Google Pixel 2 device subsidies of over $400


  • Techguru86

    Let’s be fair, freedoms pricing plan is better than anything the big 3 can offer

  • orangedude

    I fail to understand how Koodo’s deal is any better than, say, Fido’s.

    Fido has the 64 GB Pixel 2 for $0 on a Large plan ($69/6 GB*, $76/8 GB*). That’s a $899 subsidy compared to their retail price. Koodo has a single $75/7 GB* (well, $54/7 GB + $21 tab charge, which comes to $75 a month) plan with a $904 subsidy compared to their retail price. They’re virtually the same, except Fido allows you to save a couple bucks more a month if you don’t need more than 6 GB of data.

    * Based on QC pricing

    • Ben

      was gonna post the same. And Virgin has the same as well on platinum plan, same deal as Fido unless I’m mistakn (0$ for phone, 69$/month for 24 months, they are saying the subsudy is 999$ for total price however). I think the difference, and correct me if I’m wrong, is that whereas Fido is including the $$ in your monthly device subsudy, Koodo calculates it as a true 400$ off (i.e. if you cancel after one month with Koodo, you have to pay 483$ whereas with Fido you would have to pay 861$)

    • Sam

      The difference is if you cancel. A friend of mine bought the phone from Koodo yesterday and cancelled today , so he got the phone for $500

    • Vishal

      How is it $500? Don’t you have to pay out the tab balance before you can cancel if you want to keep the phone?

    • Sam

      $21 (tab) x 24 is $504

    • Vishal

      Ah okay, this is referring to the pixel 2 64gb.

    • Zbiba

      If that’s true it really is a crazy good deal, I think its a mistake but it could actually make sense

    • orangedude

      What I wonder is if they’re allowed to reclaim both the subsidy and the tab payments. The Code of Conduct allows for the subsidy system or financing, but I don’t know how it works at the same time. I wouldn’t be surprised if Koodo claims the full $400 + ($21 x 24 months) as an entire subsidy and claim all of it should you cancel early. They’d lose a metric ton of money if they really granted $400 off and let people cancel after a month.

    • pkosta

      Spoke to a freedom rep and he confirmed the cancellation would be both totals equalling the full cost.


    What the hell kind of reporting is this? The Koodo tabs are the exact same thing as the subsidies on fido/virgin.

  • Zbiba

    Kinda feel dumb for buying it when it came out now :/

    Basically 400$ down the drain for not waiting two months, I thought it was going to take at least until next year for it to go down.

  • Al Kidd

    As long as your not already a koodo customer without a tab. Then you have to toss your current plan or pay full pop

  • Shaun

    Freedom’s website says the offer ended on December 8th and I cannot order it online

  • Amer Kojic

    I got the last year’s Google pixel XL for 0,I am with Fido on 70 dollars medium plan 4 gigs of data.

    • Zbiba

      not sure where you are, but if you’re in QC its 69$ for a large with 6gb, basically you’re overpaying and you should change your plan if you’re here

    • Amer Kojic

      I am in Vancouver,but would love that plan.

  • Prashanth Akunuri

    I wanted to try this deal but ended up signing up last Sunday with Fido – $80 medium plan with 6GB data 2 year contract and a $100 BB gift card and $500 up front for PIXEL 2 64GB.

    I am not sure if this is even a decent deal, especially considering BYOD $60/6GB being offered today on almost all carrier just for today.