Here’s a roundup of all the reported Google Pixel 2 XL and Pixel 2 issues [Update]


  • MoYeung

    So mamy problems?

    • samsvoc

      Most of them, way overblown.

      I went to see the XL2 in person at a few stores and really like the phone. Only noticed a slight greenish hue, off angle. Overall a great phone but would’ve preferred if it was price under a grand.

      Anyway, was shocked to see burn in from the Samsung S8+, big square and writing on the top of the screen. If I knew how to post pictures, I would. I don’t blame samsung, it’s just comes with oled technology.

      Placing my order tomorrow.

    • Daniel Szilagyi

      I went in to bestbuy a few days ago to see for myself, the XL 2 didn’t have burn in but there was a blue tint for sure when i shifted at an angle slightly.
      I think the other issues are fixable via software for sure, the muted colour thing makes me think that people don’t actually know what colours are “supposed” to look like because they’ve been so used to the highly oversaturated Samsung type displays for so long…i prefer actual real colour values to fake ones

  • Stephen B Morris

    Man, that is bad. No one should give Google a pass for this one. They had a full development cycle and TWO “quality control” teams in LG and Google. There is no excuse for this many issues IN ONE PHONE! Ridiculous!

    • It’s Me

      Seems likes it’s hot mess.

      Honestly, I expected better from google. Seemed like they’d left behind their reputation as a company that released betas, but now not so much.

    • Smanny

      The beta version of Android for the Pixels has already addressed the burn in issues. If people want to put that version on the Pixels, then opted in for the beta. It will prompt you to install, and it will fix that issue, along with some others, including the saturation issue for some.

    • Stephen B Morris

      I agree. Some issues right after a major release I expect to happen. That’s par for the course. But most of these issues would have probably been caught if they were actually checking the quality of the devices. And although most of these issues could be fixed with software updates, the point is that you shouldn’t have to run a beta on something you use every day to try to fix issues. It’s a beta, more issues will probably show up. They did zero quality control and that is why people should be upset. When you pay for a phone, you should at least get the OS that comes with it. That is Google and LG being lazy or cheap, whichever one fits. People making excuses for them doesn’t make sense to me.

    • It’s Me

      Beta software to address arguably beta release issues. This is the old google.

  • Marshall Davidson

    Glad I held off buying this. I remember people complaining about the issues with the original Pixel but by comparison this is real piece of junk

  • heynow00

    2 year warranty though

    • EBIGN

      yeah by that time, some people already have the Pixel 3 XL and some person just bought a defective second-hand phone

  • thereasoner

    The LG pOLED on the XL is not the best available but the reviews I’ve read say that it’s still quite good and hardly a deal breaker. Everything else is an update issue, been fixed already or rare anomalies that can occur with new devices.

    I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to get one and people online seem quite happy with them. Still Google can do themselves a favor and buy one of their struggling Android OEM partners and actully keep the manufacturing facilities this time.

    I understand that they want to limit the production and distribution of the Pixel line so not to appear to be in competition with other partner Android vendors and piss off those that aren’t doing well but it may be time to do that now with Samsung and now the Chinese OEMs dominating Android. I simply can’t see the Motorola’s, LG’s and HTC’s making a serious come back even if Google continues to sit on the sidelines with only a token contribution in hardware so they might as well go all in and compete with the behemoth Korean and Chinese Android manufacturers imo.

    • Smanny

      The beta version of Android for the Pixels has addressed the burn in issue. It fades the 3 bottom buttons after a period of time, and fades the search as well.

    • thereasoner

      Yeah, I have it on my OG Pixel. It works well.

    • Laer

      This is just a bandaid. What about all the other static objects that will burn in like toolbars, game layouts, status bar icons.

      This is a disaster, and it’s hardware not software.

  • Ipse

    I kind of feel vindicated, having been attacked by Google fanbois for pointing out that no flagship phone can have this many issues….
    Bottom line is that Google has a healthy dose of contempt for their customers, this might force them to rethink that approach.

    • Smanny

      The iPhone X can exhibit burn-in as well. Plus if you tilt the display, then you can get color shifting (blue tint anyone?). Apple recently released that statement. So they are preparing for screen issues as well.

    • Elky64

      The way I see it, these higher prices for so called “flagships” is no assurance your are getting a premium device in every respect, been proven too many times this year alone. These companies (“all” not just Google) need to up their game because it’s a long trek up that mountain if one has to do it again and it’ll be even tougher the second time around.

    • Smanny

      The screen issues are more pronounced on the Pixel 2 XL. Especially when it’s using LG’s P-OLED display. Where as the smaller Pixel 2 is using Samsung’s AMOLED display. The P-OLED is the same tech found in Apples Watches. I guess that is one of the reasons why Apple doesn’t support an always on display for it’s watch. Yet other smart watch OEMs have, and do support an always on display using LG’s P-OLED tech. To tell you the truth the burn in won’t be an issue after the patch that is coming down the pipes. As a matter of fact the burn in has been addressed with the beta Android for the Pixels. It fades the 3 buttons and the search bar at the bottom.

  • Jackie DeSousa

    I hate iPhones but have to admit, they do have less issues.

    • thereasoner

      Seriously? Apple sends out a seemingly constant stream of bug fixing point updates, it never ends with them and now they’ve announced that they expect the same issues on their own OLEDs displays that affect all the others.

    • Smanny

      Apple just released a page stating that their iPhone X with it’s Super Retina can exhibit burn-in, and color shifting, if you tilt it to certain angles.

    • Elky64

      Well from where I sit, and having several Apple devices in my household, they have been the least problematic compared to Windows “anything” and on par or slightly above Android. These are my experiences and can only assume yours differs.

      As for the updates/bug fixes – have always found Apple to be “quick” addressing issues so if others find that uncomfortable so be it. I’ll welcome them any day of the week.

      FYI – My daily drivers are primarily Android w/Windows Phone thrown in for good measure.

    • samsvoc

      Are you comparing iPhones to Android in general?

  • Christopher T

    I had an HTC phone once and it was horrible. These problems make sense to me. I won’t buy HTC or LG. Moto FTW.

  • JoMore

    Sounds like Google is trying to put out a dumpster fire… On top of the hardware and software issues, shipping phones with no OS? Really??

  • Garrett Cooper

    My lord what a mess. I’ll be keeping my original XL for another year. Hopefully the smaller Pixel 3 gets a redesign and some upgrades, and doesn’t have all these problems of the 2 XL.