Best Buy’s ‘Boxing Day Prices Now’ sale discounts devices up to $450 off


  • Dimitri

    Not really any impressing at all. Just go into a Best Buy location and if you want to know the actual price of a item ask them to check RSS. They will show u the exact amount the product is and can give u a more discount then the ones they already give.

    Also those discounts are nothing. They had the same discounts last year if not for the past 2 years. The Sonos speaker goes for $199 from Sonos during the holidays and for the past 3 years. The Gear Frontier was on sale for $370 last year as a deal. So really BB is not fooling anyone.

    This should also warn others that their site isn’t even good during any holiday sales and most of their stores are sold out or barely have any in stock.

    • MoYeung

      RSS stands for what?
      So i take an item to cashier and ask them to show me RSS? What if they only want to show me the sticker or list price?

    • Former BB

      RSS is Best Buy’s internal system which shows the quantity of products in store (and in other stores), in shipment, on hold, etc. RSS also shows the “margin” (cost of product divided by price of product expressed as a percentage). BB employees can also check “employee price” (how much costs BB to buy the product from the vendor / what an employee pays for the product expressed in dollars) of the product in the POS terminal. If the sales associate knows the “margin” (from RSS) or “employee price” (from POS terminal), then they know how much they can discount the product in order to make a sale. Normally a sales associate will not show you the “margin” or “employee price” if you ask. They also (in most cases) won’t discount anything if you don’t buy an extended warranty.

    • Dimitri

      RSS is their internal inventory system. They input the UPC and check the stock on the item. The same page which shows stock also shows the MRSP pricing, discount pricing and employee pricing.

    • Jon Duke

      Just want to say you are wrong for the Sonos speakers. They used to retail for 225$ and last year’s deal was 350$ for 2 which came up to 175$ each. Their deal is actually pretty bad this year.

    • Dimitri

      Yes but you could always get it cheaper if u haggled the rep. Used to work for Best Buy for 3 yrs. Always gave them for $150-$175 at times to customers.

      As employees we got a deal for $50 for the Sonos play 1 2yrs ago. Got 2 of them. Sonos is know for the pricing to be more though.

  • Benjamin Lehto

    Is this another example of retailers jacking the price up and then posting an amazing discount on said items, all the while suckering consumers out of their hard earned money believing they’re getting a great deal?

  • skullan

    I’ll never buy another Title. The non-replaceable battery and it dying after a year? Nope.