Apple now officially considers the 2011 Mac Mini obsolete

Mac mini in the hands

Apple has added the 2011 Mac Mini to its long list of vintage and obsolete products as of November 30th, according to MacRumors.

Obsolete products mean that Apple and authorized repair centres will no longer fix non-functional 2011 Mac Minis. Obsolete devices are those that have been discontinued after being released five years ago, except for in California and Turkey where Apple products aren’t discontinued until after seven years. The 2011 Mac Mini was discontinued in 2012, which also follows this pattern.

The 2011 Mac Mini was the first to feature a Thunderbolt port and also to not include a CD-ROM drive. Owners of the 2014 Mac Mini don’t need to worry, however, as Apple says the product will still be supported for a number of years.

The Mac Mini allowed people to bring around a mini Mac desktop with them wherever they went, assuming they had a monitor and keyboard desktop available at their destination.

Source: Apple Via: MacRumors