tvOS 11.2 stops Apple TV 4K from outputting all content with HDR

Apple TV 4K

Following the release of iOS 11.2, Apple has released tvOS 11.2 for the tech giant’s fourth-generation Apple TV and Apple TV 4K devices.

This update solves one of the most significant issues with Apple’s streaming set-top box, by adding the ability to content match the video playing through the device. The Apple TV 4K can now be set to match high dynamic range, which will “play content in its original dynamic range” instead of forcibly upscaling the colour of content to HDR (when that setting is turned on with supported televisions).

This means that all content won’t be scaled to Dolby Vision with this setting on when playing through the Apple TV 4K.

Another new option called ‘Match Frame Rate’ plays “film and international content at its original frame rate.” This setting outputs content at its exact frame rate, instead up converting it to to 60Hz. Apple also says that the feature often automatically kicks in on certain television models.

“We’ll use your selected display format to play content without alteration. We can also switch formats automatically to match the content’s dynamic range and frame rate,” reads tvOS 11.2’s description.

The update is currently rolling out to the company’s 4th Generation Apple TV devices.

Via: 9to5Mac