McDonald’s Canada rolls out support for mobile ordering in select cities

McDelivery service

McDonald’s fans will be please to learn that mobile ordering has now made its way to Canada, with Edmonton, Hamilton and Quebec City being the initial launch cities for the feature.

The fast-food giant says that additional Canadian mobile order locations are coming soon. Unlike other mobile order platforms, McDonald’s mobile app actually includes a variety of unique features along with standard mobile ordering. Customers can select ‘Curbside Service,’ allowing them to have food delivered right to their car by entering their parking stall number when they arrive at the restaurant.

Along the same lines, McDonald’s new mobile order app offers a ‘Table Service’ option, which allows food to be delivered directly to a table within the restaurant.

The app also features ‘Front Counter’ pick-up, where customers get their food directly from the counter. Finally, the last option is ‘Drive-Thru’ pick-up, which lets customers place orders ahead of time and then pick up their specific order.

It’s likely that following testing these new features in the above select cities, McDonald’s will release them in additional locations. McDonald’s Mobile Order and Pay is widely available across the U.S. and first launched back in March 2017.

While McDonald’s app has been available for a number of months in Canada, until now it hasn’t featured the ordering functionality present in its U.S. counterpart. The app features innovative GPS geo-fencing technology that results in food being prepared in stages as the customer physically moves closer to the restaurant.

McDonald’s mobile order app is available for iOS and Android.

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