Ontario predicts millions of electric cars will increase energy demand by 2035


  • Croc Ography

    “The government has plans for offsetting that increase in electricity demand, however, stating that its “long-term electricity conservation target of 30 TWh of electricity in 2032 will continue to help offset almost all the forecast growth.”

    — okay I am calling BS on this statement.

    Usual Ontario government BS. When has this government ever prepared for a future change in energy consumption on a large scale. If the extra electric cars on the road does come to fruition I cannot imagine the future associated cost increases.

  • 魔鬼

    EV are extremely power hungry
    Unless we start building more nuclear power plant
    Otherwise it would not meet the demand

    • h2oflyer

      Exactly… it’s all about energy per kilometre and where it comes from.

      The modern fuel efficient gasoline engine is not that efficient when calculating all the energy consumed in getting that fuel from source to the refinery and then into the vehicle tank.

      Same thing will apply to electric vehicles with fuel consumed in generating the electricity and transmission losses.

      Which is better, natural gas generating plants and a spider web of transmission lines with their losses, or, natural gas engines in our vehicles with an expandable distribution system ?

      If not nuclear it’s got to come from coal or natural gas and no one wants coal. Solar and wind can’t provide enough.

  • Alex

    government officials need to play factorio. =)

  • Jason

    They need to put money into super capacitor research so we won’t need to worry about demand

  • Wufai

    Ontario government has a very bad record at long term forecast, just look at the predictions Ontario Power Authority (OPA) made over the years. However if the forecast is accurate it is a good reason to expand and retrofit our current nuclear energy profile. EV recharging at night is perfect to offset the unused load at night. Since Ontario residents are so vocal in rejecting wind and solar power. nuclear is the cheapest method of electricity for the next few decades.