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Pokémon Go update adds Ruby and Sapphire generation Pocket Monsters

A new update to Pokémon Go is set to add variety of new Pocket Monsters to the mobile title, this time from the long-running series’ Ruby and Sapphire generation.

The new Pokémon, which are part of an in-game, Halloween-themed event that kicks off on October 20th, include Sableye and Banette, according to Niantic, the game’s creator. The developer says that “a few other ghost-type Pokémon are on the way as well. Niantic goes on to say that an additional wave of additional Pokémon will hit the still-popular mobile title in December.

During the game’s Halloween event, Ghost-type like Ghastly will be more common, it will be possible to catch a Pikachu wearing a witch’s hat, and finally, players will be able to dress up their trainer with a Mimikyu-themed hat. Pokémon Go’s Halloween event ends on November 2nd.

Other often-requested features are still set to hit the mobile title as well, including trading and player vs. player battles, according to the head of Niantic, John Hanke.