SaskTel announced Phones for a Fresh Start has collected more than 100,000 cellular devices

SaskTel HQ

SaskTel has announced that since the company launched its ‘Phones for a Fresh Start’ program in 2009, it has collected more than 100,000 cellular devices. The company has partnered with the Provincial Association of Transitions Houses and Service Saskatchewan (PATHS) to work on this endeavour.

The proceeds from Phones for a Fresh Start have gone towards $70,000 CAD worth of prepaid phone cards and 2,610 cellular devices, which are provided to the 21 PATHS shelter agencies throughout Saskatchewan.

Sasktel will celebrate the program’s achievement tomorrow by holding an inaugural Phones for a Fresh Start cellular device recycling drive.

“Given the wonderful benefits for both PATHS and our environment, I’m pleased that SaskTel is working to make sure cellular devices and accessories are disposed of properly and the proceeds from the program are returning benefits to the community,” said Joe Hargrave, minister responsible for SaskTel, in press statement. “With Saskatchewan people being who they are, I’m optimistic that they will rally behind SaskTel’s push to recycle cellular devices that aren’t being used.”

On October 17th, SaskTel is welcoming everyone Saskatchewanian to bring in old smartphones to SaskTel stores and other authorized dealers.

“As fantastic as this milestone is we know there are still a lot more phones out there,” said Burnett. “I think that together with Saskatchewan’s help we have a chance to make an even bigger impact by increasing the number of cellphones we collect and helping PATHS even more.”

According to SaskTel, research shows that about 690,000 cellular devices are currently being stored within homes, though only ten percent are recycled per year.