Poll: Will you be buying a bezel-less phone this year?


  • Eluder

    Where’s the “I already have one” option?

    • Joseph

      That’s what I was looking for as well lol

  • Remorse

    You know the main problem with edge to edge screens is that when you want to use it with one hand you end up accidentally opening apps all the time.

    • TheTechSmith

      I’m wondering how one of these actually work one-handed. Every time I got a phone with slimmer bezels I’d accidentally hit things with my lower thumb until I learned around it, and my current phone is not bezel-less. Do they have software to compensate, or do you just deal with it?

    • Zomby2D

      I just learned to hold my phone without my palm touching the edge of the screen.

    • Remorse

      I just deal with it, I still occasionally open things when I’m not paying attention. I suppose buying a thicker case could have also resolved the issue, but then with a thick case you get into the problem of not being able to click or swipe the sides easily, like opening side drawers with a swipe because you couldn’t reach the edge.

    • John Lofwire

      That the only thing i dont like of my G6…

  • Charles Kelly

    where’s the: “I value usefulness over style” option?

    • CodyS

      You mean like being able to see more on your screen at once? The display is always the centerpiece of a smartphone.

    • John Lofwire

      No he mean like having a headphone jack ( many bezel less dont )
      He mean having a IR blaster ( many phone removed it when switching to bezel less )
      He mean having a bigger battery ( apparently they all lowering the battery size in bezel less phone )

      I could go on.

      Not everything about the screen.

    • h2oflyer

      Huawei P10+ has headphone jack, IR blaster and BIG (3750 mAh) battery, 16:9 ratio and no curved edges.

    • EndangeredTechman

      A larger screen doesn’t magicly display more, it just scales and adds black bars. Dems be some awesome looking black bars that cost 300 extra.

  • thereasoner

    S8 or S8+ next week for my wife. She’s very excited and I’m looking forward to checking it out when I set it up for her.

  • Can’t Fix Stupid

    Since bezel-less is not a feature. No.

    And in many cases bezel-less comes with the removal of other features…headphone jack, IR blaster, removable battery, expandable memory.

    Bezel-less is about as important as making the phone skinnier. No benefit in form or function but a reduction in the feature set.

  • jpd514

    This poll is a part of misinformation. He lets think the bezel less do not already exist.
    Where is: I already have one

  • I own a BlackBerry KEYone. That should say plenty about how little I care about smartphones with no bezels.

  • Roger

    Does G6 count? I like mine quite a lot. At least it has the flat screen, headphone jack, and removable storage.

    • Garrett Cooper

      I only know one person who had one, but got rid of it because he said it was buggy. I had a G5 and it was a pretty good phone. If I didn’t already have an XL, a G6 would be intriguing as the price has dropped a bit.

    • Roger

      My G6 has been bug-free since when I got it for free on May 2nd. It was free at the time with a trade-in program Bell had. I traded in my old S5 and got the G6 for the tax on the $450. My friend also got on for free a few months later at Costco. Great phones, especially for the price.

    • John Lofwire

      Amazing phone i love mine.

  • vn33

    Are there anyone like me, who has a decent plan which I will not let go? This means I have to buy my phones outright, and do not change phone at a frequent rate. I change phone maybe once every two years. The next time I change phone, it will be whatever best bang-for-buck phone I can get, bezel-less or not. Just want to get a decent phone at a good value.

    • khiladi420

      I do from like 5-6 years ago that had 6GB, fab 10, 200 local minutes, and unlimited text for $60. I don’t call much anyways so this is a great plan for me.

    • Rian

      I had a 6 GB plan and 200 minutes years ago for about $80 and switched to a $90 plan with 10 GB and unlimited talk and text. I’d love to change from my G5, but there’s no way I can ever switch from this plan. And I couldn’t care less if there’s a whole lot of bezels or not, I just want a phone with a great screen.

    • vn33

      I have a corp plan 6Gb/$50 from a company I no longer works for.
      I’m going to hang on to this plan as long as they don’t kick me off it.

    • Garrett Cooper

      I got my Pixel XL on the Koodo Tab when they cut the price in August. This will likely be the last subsidized phone I get though because I don’t want to lose my 5GB $48 plan.

    • CodyS

      Fido offers 6GB for $49, BYOD though.

    • John Lofwire

      With a lower quality network and a much lower quality client service lol.

    • I am in your boat. I would have to buy it out right and the bezel-less doesn’t look that great to me. Looks great for a TV but I don’t see why a phone would need it but I am the minority.

  • Marshall Davidson

    Bezel-less phones are junk and that’s really the bottom line. They’re the kind of device you need to put into a solid, heavy case in order to protect it from shattering should it hit the ground which also takes away from showing off the physical appeal of these devices. Admittedly they are attractive to look at but just too fragile to be an everyday driver and when you consider the prices you pay, nothing more than expensive piece of artwork. Perhaps if you frame it and hang it on your wall….

    • CodyS

      Disagree entirely, maybe you’re talking about glass back phones? My LG G6 is plenty sturdy.

      If you’re talking about curved edges on a phone, again, thats a different thing.

    • EndangeredTechman

      The bezel definately protects the screen from drops.

    • John Lofwire

      All 3 items do make phone more fragiles.. put them all together and you have a solution for a disaster.

      Glass back are well.. glass easy to break.
      curved edge are harder if not impossible to protect correctly ( temper glass ) and they add a weak spot ( its been proven if the screen is hit in the middle of the curve its will break easier )
      Bezel protect partially your phone ( depend on the design ) But that the smallest issue 🙂

    • Marshall Davidson

      Nope. I’m talking about any phones were a bezel is non-existent. You may be one of the very few that hasn’t had a bad experience but that’s hardly an endorsement. There is no good reason to be making phones with screens stretching to very edges of the unit. No utilitarian value but rather just cosmetic and for what?

    • Domino67

      Apple with the big bezels still shattered, so obviously they are frail.

  • Elky64

    I’m more concerned whether the screen is curved than bezel-less, not a big fan of the former even though we own the GS7 Edge. With that being said, any phone with a bezel is perfectly fine with me but if I want today’s flagship, there may be little choice.

    And at the end of the day, just bring back those things (headphone jack/removable battery/expandable storage/etc) that made a phone more versatile. In other words, functionality over beauty. In my world rarely ever see a naked phone as most always adorn them with a case. So what’s the point making these devices into masterpieces?

    • EndangeredTechman

      Agree 100%. Almost feel like buying a snapdragon development kit and slapping it into a large chunk of steel. Function first, not many phones that fit the bill lately.

  • TonyC

    Yes, but only because it’s my normal “refresh cycle” and it happens to be the phone I like.

  • Andrew Holt

    Bezel-less phones is just a fad driven by those who like to show off their tech to friends. I’m hoping we can end this fad real soon and go back to making phones that are less fragile. Also would be great to get rid of this whole curved screen nonsense while we’re at it. The next gimmick coming is fold-able screens/phones. I had a fold-able phone before, it was called a Motorola Razr, and it was 2001.

    • EndangeredTechman

      Bezel free is a fad, unfortunately it’s one that’s taken hold. I find it removes too many things that i value in a phone. It adds protection, space to put cameras and front facing speakers, a place to hold the phone, contrast between the screen and background. I find the compromises on design for small bezels to look terrible aswell, cutouts and fingerprint scanner on the back for example. Battery size also seems to take a hit as engineers struggle to shift around components to meet this slim and bezel free mandate.

  • The appearance is not all that important to me. If I want something pretty, I would buy jewelry ( and I have only a wedding ring). All phones seem to deliver decent service to make calls with and they are good enough for browsing internet. The only area that really matters to me and the only area where I see important advances is the camera hardware and software. While most dedicated cameras are now “good enough” and experience only gradual quantitative improvements, the quality of phone cameras is improving rapidly. If I buy a new phone, I will not give a hoot about the bezel and I will pay attention to the camera I am getting.

    • John Lofwire

      Pixel 2 sound like a good choice.

      The less pricy of the best camera on a smartphone 🙂

    • Thank you John. I agree with your choice. If I do buy one, I will probably buy from Google. The camera has a good review on DXO, even though I think that the bokeh is more natural on the iPhone. I currently have Nexus 6P which is good and I am not sure I am ready to buy a new phone right now. My photo exhibitions (coupled with vacations) in North America and Europe are eating my money

    • John Lofwire

      That why i like this year pixel one cheaper with bezel and one higher priced bezel less both have same stellar camera performance.

      I understand fully if its was not because I work in the industry pay those phone half price and no monthly plan I would probably not change phone so much..

      Lg v30 look nice as well.

  • You need a forth opinion “Won’t have a choice, everything IS going bezel-less”

  • John Charette

    I’ve heard rumors of the OnePlus 5T being bezel less. It’s time for an upgrade!