Oculus says Santa Cruz standalone headset features full motion control


  • John Lofwire

    Make it stand alone as well and you got my money.

    Even if its pricy.

    • Zbiba

      You can’t get “real” gaming on a standalone headset. it just doesn’t have enough power. The simple fact that it’s wireless is amazing.

    • John Lofwire

      That statement is simply false.
      You can make it wireless and enuf powerful for gaming.

      An example of half baked solution is those portable vr pc in backpack. Just need some refinement.

    • Zbiba

      what do you mean by stand alone? do you mean just the headset by itself or do you mean a headset that’s still linked to a computer in someway?

    • John Lofwire

      Ok searching hard a fail in my point of view ok.. lets me be Crystal clear then 🙂

      a stand alone device include :

      1- a proprietary OS optimized for the need of the device ( not a normal PC OS more a OS like on ps4 ect )
      2- include all the part and hardware its need to run ( with no need to mix several differents parts so even if its a backpack connected with a wire or wirelessly to a headset with controller again connected by cable or wirelessly )

      If they can make those portable pc for VR in backpack i am pretty sure they can make dedicated and optimized hardware with a optimized OS specificaly made for it.

      A full package and yes its possible to get enuf power to run 4k hdr VR with those portable PC ( and the OS not fully optimized for VR and gaming its basically a windows )

      an hardware and software built to work together toward 1 goal always get better result.

      a simple PS4 pro or Xbox one X with much less power than a good gaming pc can get result that are pretty similar for a fraction of the cost that the kind of VR stand alone machine i want a good ratio of money for power.

      PS: as its wont need to be plug in a wall outlet to be used its can be counsidered as wireless and even better if the headset dont need a cord to the backpack and same for controllers. ( i can stream 4k HDR to my TV using chromecast ultra with no imput lag or very lil so i guess by putting best possible speed wireless its not impossible )

      PS* : i am tired to have to build up a solution using various third party hardware to mix and match something that be good.