Facebook unveils new VR headset, the standalone Oculus Go


  • Smanny

    That price is really good.

    • Zach Murray

      Idk, looks a tad pricey to me…

    • Zach Murray

      Just kidding, but seriously. Whats it running off of? Internal software/hardware? Wifi to access oculus library?

  • hardy83

    It’ll probably be $300 CDN.
    A LITTLE high, but I imagine when it goes on sale for $250 or $200 it’ll become super popular, especially since GEAR VR games, presumably, will be compatible with this, so some people will already have a library when they get it.

  • John Lofwire

    Now we talk.
    a real standalone version that dont Zoom in on a smartphone screen.

    Much better experience!

  • Detroit Lions fan

    when don’t hook it to a PC or PS3 It’s could be worth it