Facebook unveils new VR headset, the standalone Oculus Go

Oculus Go headset

Facebook has announced a new version of its Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, known as the Oculus Go, which the company will release early next year.

Facebook says it’s the most accessible headset yet, as it does not require cables or another device to run off of, such as a PC or smartphone. According to the official blog post, the device is also “super lightweight” and made of a new fabric that is “soft and breathable.”

The Oculus Go also features integrated spatial audio, built-in speakers and a 3.5mm headphone jack for private listening.

Notably, the Oculus Go also uses the same controller as the Samsung Gear VR, the South Korean tech giant’s Oculus-powered mobile-tethered headset. As a result, Facebook says the “developers building for Gear VR are already building for Oculus Go.”

Additionally, Facebook says the “best of [Samsung Gear VR’s] mobile VR content library” will be available on Oculus Go at launch, although specific titles weren’t specified.

The Oculus Go is set to cost $200 USD (which amounts to $248 CAD), with shipments beginning early next year.

A spokesperson for Facebook Canada has told MobileSyrup that there is no information on Canadian pricing and availability at this time. Facebook also revealed a new version of its high-end Santa Cruz virtual reality headset today.