iOS 11 is now publicly available

iOS 11 control centre on iPhone 7

The wait is finally over. After its initial announcement in June, iOS 11, the latest version of Apple’s operating system, is now available.

With iOS 11 comes many new features, including a new lock screen that has merged with the notification shade, as well as a new Files applications. The most potentially impactful feature included in iOS 11, however, is ARKit.

iOS 11 users can now experience augmented reality through a number of apps available on both iPhone and iPad. The new AR experience adds a variety of interesting apps to Apple’s OS, such as the Machines from Directive Games, The Walking Dead: Our World and Arise. iOS 11 also features interactive shopping experiences such as Ikea Place, which are designed to help users shop and design their homes. The apps use the iPhone’s built-in cameras, processors and motion sensors, and are compatible with iPhones and iPads that feature the A9 chip and higher.

Additionally, Siri’s voice is more natural and expressive with iOS 11. The virtual assistant adjust its intonation, pitch, emphasis and tempo in a more natural way, and is now capable of translating U.S. English to French, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian and German. Furthermore, the AI delivers a more personal experiences and now makes personal suggestions based on usage from Safari, News, Mail and Messages, according to Apple.

With iOS 11 the App store has also been redesigned after nine years of minor updates. The App Store now features a specific area for apps and another section for games, as well Apple editor curation.

While there are many changes with the new iteration of iOS for the iPhone, the iPad is also getting a few tablet specific updates. For example, Apple has expanded the Dock, as well as revamped the operating system’s app switcher, Split View and drag and drop functionality.

Owners of the iPhone 5s or newer, iPad Air, any iPad Pro, iPad mini 2, iPad 2017 and the sixth generation of iPod touch, can update to iOS 11. To download the new version of iOS, navigate to ‘General,’ then ‘About’ and finally, ‘Software Update.’