Apple has finally redesigned the App Store

app of the day image

Apple has given its App Store a design refresh, that aims to feature the information the user wants to see first and foremost.

The new redesigned app stored now has a ‘Today’ page, allowing users to see more exactly what’s trending on the app store. It starts off with the newest and highest trending app on the store. Every day there is a new ‘App of the Day,’ ‘Game of the Day’ and even a new list that features different themes or goals, such as meditation. Users can scroll down and look to see the games and apps of the day for the week if a day was missed.

The App Store also now has a new game tab. Just at the top users can see the biggest new releases and even what the editors are playing this week. Scrolling down shows game videos, such as tips and gameplay previews and scrolling further users can see charts that only feature games. App Store users can now browse by game categories as well.

Users now can buy the desired in-store app right in the App store. For example if you want to buy a new character for a game, the App store will show the option for that in-store purchase and users can do it right away.

Within the page for a specific game users get a quick look at the game with videos and pictures right away, users can also find badges such as if it was an editor’s pick, quickly. With the redesigned game page, specific games have the reviews right below the videos so users can quickly find customer information about the game. Looking further will provide a peek at developer information about the games. The apps tab is designed in the same way.