Netflix is now available on Shaw’s BlueSky TV platform


  • It’s Me

    For those that haven’t cut the cord, X1 is the future of TV.

    • Stephen B Morris

      Depends on what Rogers does with it. Or doesn’t do with it. I don’t like Bell but Fibe is pretty solid. Here’s hoping that Rogers doesn’t mess it up.

  • Jay

    Will this work with 4K is my question.

    • Justin

      no 4K will not work yet. but the box is capable of 4K so it would be a software update away if they decide to do it.

    • Jay

      Well I understand that Shaw doesn’t have 4K channels yet, but I have an UHD 4K account with Netflix..I’m assuming it still won’t do 4K Netflix via the BlueSky Box?

    • Justin

      The feed is currently maxed at 1080p on the box. It will get upscaled if that’s a feature of your TV, but it is not a 4K feed. 4K Netflix is definitely coming though and they’re working on it.