Shaw launches new BlueSky IPTV platform to compete with Telus’ Optik TV


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  • Jesse

    Finally! I was wondering when they were going to release this.

    • Azim Esmail

      $100/month for premier tv plus internet 150 is a pretty good price.

    • Jesse

      If it stayed at that price absolutely. Heck I would even jump on board. However it jumps to 173 bucks for the 2nd year. :/

    • Azim Esmail

      That’s still not bad for the highest internet and tv packages. I pay $340 with shaw right now lol.

    • Jesse

      Well I mean if you compare it to what you pay then yeah its not bad. $340 is absolutely outrages by the way lol. I current pay 65 bucks with Shaw for my 150 internet and TV but after 6 months my TV will go up 26 dollars and then after the first year my internet will go up 30 dollars. And 80 dollars for 150 mbps is more then reasonable to me. I will most likely cancel my TV until that becomes more reasonable priced.

      I know in Ontario Rogers had a deal that was $99 for ignite gigabit internet (100mbps) and premier TV for 99 dollars on a 2 year contract. Now that is pretty good for good tier internet and a great tv package.

      May I ask what do you get with Shaw that costs you $340?

    • Azim Esmail

      All the premium channels. Multi-cultural channels are expensive. We basically have every single channel Shaw has to offer. Do we need it? Probably not lol.

  • Timothy Friesen

    And this, too, is probably unavailable unless you get your Internet from Shaw. It’s like they have no interest in my business.

    Why can’t they make it easy for me to give them money?

    • Omis

      Probably not. Bell offers FibeTV without their internet.

    • Jesse

      I went on their site and the only way I could select BlueSky is if it’s premier TV and with 150 mbps internet pack.

    • Omis

      Try phoning them. Often they don’t advertise it because they don’t want people knowing about it. But if you talk to them on the phone, they may accommodate you, especially now while they are starting up. If the first person you talk to says no. Ask to speak to their supervisor.

  • Allyouranusarebelongtous

    Brilliant, they launched into the most depressed market (economy) in Canada. Calgary is in rough shape. But I suppose if they can make waves there, they can make it anywhere. Looks like an interesting service. Look forward to it!

    • Azim Esmail

      To be fair, they are based out of Calgary.

  • Ricardo Ferreira

    Too little too late. Remember that this will still be pumped through their very slow and over saturated Coax network.

    • Azim Esmail

      Not slow for me. I haven’t had internet speeds under 140mbps since I upgraded to internet 150. I’m usually around 160-170mbps, then it drops to 140 during peak times.

  • tarta70

    Anyone paying for it is a dumb a*s stupid.

  • Lirodon

    Freerange TV was only the first step in this (and was also offered to Shaw cable customers too)

    This is the first use for the actual set-top box platform yes