Less than half of Canadians expected to use cash by 2020, says research


  • ciderrules

    That’s a lot of uninformed (ignorant) people.

  • XY

    I’ve been on the fence thinking of switching to tangerine from TD since TD Visa debit cards don’t work for android pay.

  • BobM

    I still use cash. A lot of shops i frequent save cost by being cash-only. Also it’s more private and flexible. That said I use NFC card a lot. My brother got a new credit card just because it supported apple pay, I wouldn’t go that far but I’m open to it. Never completely giving up cash though.

  • heynow00

    Cash can still be accepted with the power out. To just abandon cash completely wouldn’t be very smart.

  • Andrew Holt

    I basically pay for anything that’s 20 bucks or less with cash and big purchases with debit. I find cash to be much more convenient when buying a single beverage or pack of gum etc. Plus our reliance on electronic payments has raised prices to offset the merchant fees a retailer has to pay for accepting credit or debit.

  • MoYeung

    Cash is here to stay; people use it to cheat on TAXES.